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Before you install another gauge with male NPT, we need to talk

Have you ever gone to install a gauge with male NPT, and as you're turning the gauge into a tee or some other threaded connection, you realize that the gauge face isn't going to be completely in line with the rest of your components?

 So, what do you do to get that gauge face turned in line?

  • Do you crank on it, potentially galling the threads on the gauge as well as the connecting component?
  • Do you remove the gauge, reapply tape, and try again....and again...and again.
  • Do you back out the gauge to where it's now lined up, but at the same time create a potential leak path as the gauge isn't fully tight?
  • Do you leave it as is, and run the risk of inaccurate future readings?

None of those options seem like great choices. They will all eventually end up costing more time and money down the road.

This is the reason all of our pressure gauges come with a tube adapter as a standard option. No over-tightening. No need for tape or taping again...and again. No leak paths due to under-tightening. No crooked gauges. Just slide the tube adapter into your tube fitting connection, tighten the nut with a 1 1/4 turn, and you're done. It really is that simple.

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