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Salt Lake Valve & Fitting Co.

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Special Applications

In addition to the versatile general purpose 60 series valve, we also offer special 60 series valves designed for use in specific applications.

All Welded - W60T

Our all-welded valves incorporate the proven design features of the 2-way ball valve, all-welded body construction, and live-loaded packing to ensure total system fluid containment.

Chlorine Service - C60V

The chlorine series valve has a carbon steel valve body with virgin PTFE seats and packing, and an Alloy 400 ball. An upstream ball vent prevents over pressurization in the ball and body when the valve is closed.

Low Temperature Service - L60T

The L60T series is a suitable option for low temperature applications as low as -65°F.

Rapid-Cycle Service - R60T

Our R60T series is effective in applications requiring repetitive cycling of a valve or when packing adjustments may be difficult.

Steam Service - S60P

Our steam service ball valve can reduce lost energy, downtime, and safety hazards associated with leaking valves in a steam system. Unlike conventional sealing methods, the patented design of the seats and stem packing in the steam series ball valves resist the erosive nature of steam, thus improving performance and enhancing safety.

Thermal Service - T60M

Our thermal service ball valve is designed for applications in which heat transfer liquids are used. With its unique spring-like metal seat, this valve is designed to maintain a seal with a minimum seat load against the ball. The Thermal Service Series meets or exceeds FCI 70-2 Class VI for leak-tight shutoff, and also exceeds performance requirements of Fire Test Standard API 607, 6th Edition. This ball valve really shines when high-viscosity thermal fluids are in use.

Fire Service - A60T

For applications that require a fire-rated valve, the A60T series meets the API standards as well as Swagelok's stringent standards for fire testing. This series meets API Standard 607, 6th Edition - Fire Test for Soft-Seater Quarter Turn Valves.

Steam Trap Test Assembly - TVA

Deisgned for use with saturated steam systems, the Swagelok TVA series integrated test valve assembly consists of two 60 series ball valves and a universal mount in one integrated package. The upstream isolation valve allows for quick, safe and reliable maintenance of the steam trap. Looking to improve the efficiency of your steam systems? We can help with that.