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Performance & Design

There are several key features of the 60 series ball valve that create a distinct design difference versus a traditional valve design.

Traditional Ball Valves Take a Back Seat

Seat wear and eventual failure is a regular problem with traditional ball valves. PTFE, a common seat material, is unstable and tends to cold flow. question-mark Temperature cycling, pressure changes, valve actuation and time in service will actually cause the seat to move into the orifice and body cavity. This reduces the force of the seat against the ball and leaks can result.

Reinforced PTFE Seat: The 60 series valve uses a reinforced PTFE seat for additional stability. This helps some, but alone it won’t do the trick.

Support Ring: Then, we employ a support ring in front of the seat to protect against seat bulge, premature wear, and deformation.

Coned-Disc Spring: The most important difference in the design of our valve is the use of the coned-disc spring behind the seat to achieve live-loading of the seat assembly.

By greatly reducing the amount of PTFE that is unsupported, you can count on Swagelok's 60 Series to provide better performance over traditional ball valve designs.

Technology to Assure a Reliable Stem Seal

Equally important as the seat seal is how the 60 series achieves a reliable stem seal. There are two elements that are critical to creating the seal.

Two-Piece Chevron Packing:question-mark We utilize a two-piece chevron packing enabling more of the torque that is applied to the packing nut to be distributed to the contact area with the stem and the body of the valve which is essential for sealing.

Belleville Springs: The packing is backed up by a pair of Belleville springs to apply a consistent load on the packing creating a live-loaded stem assembly. The result? Long, trouble-free service over the life of the valve.

Safety and Smooth Operation question-mark

Blow Out Proof Stem: The 60 series ball valve employs a blow out proof stem that is assembled from the bottom which prevents stem blowout.

Stem Bearings: High-strength stem bearings located between the stem shank and the body are designed to ensure smooth operation and long service life.

Grounding Springs: The grounding spring provides a consistent ground to avoid any static build up during operation and use.

Ready to see if this ball valve can meet your needs?

We offer Lunch 'n' Learns (your place or ours, and lunch is on us) that provide a more technical and deeper look into the 60 series ball valve in a classroom-type setting. To secure a seat, take 30 seconds to fill out this short form and we'll be in touch to find a time that works for you.

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