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In Remembrance - 2017

There are a lot of misconceptions out there revolving around ball valves. One such inaccuracy is that all ball valves are the same. It's true they all share some common characteristics, but it's the subtle variations in design and materials that can mean the difference between a valve that lasts and a valve that leaks. This year is the year we lay to rest all the things we used to say about ball valves.

No Ball Valve Can Meet My Needs

Enter the Swagelok® 60 Series Ball Valve. This ball valve is versatile. With temperature ratings from -65° to 850°F and a standard working pressure up to 2200 psig, and an option to increase to 3000 psig, the 60 Series has a wide range of suitable applications. A wide selection of seat materials, handles and alloys provide additional options as well.

Mop Bucket, Bag-o-Rags, and a Ball Valve

Buying ball valves from a supply warehouse can be tempting. After all, as cogs in the wheel of industry we are tasked with lowering costs and increasing profitability wherever we can. There are a couple problems with sourcing ball valves from the same company that also provides the cleaning supplies. Generally, these outfits are great at certain things, but knowing whether or not the ball valve you just purchased is sufficient for your application is not one of them. Not only that, but often times these outfits are of no help when it comes to offering suitable solutions to a difficult issue. Our experience and expertise is at your disposal. When you place the wrong type of valve or a valve that isn't suitable for your application, the convenience of buying your mop bucket and ball valve under one purchase order is negated and it's back to the drawing board. We see it all too often!

It's Just the Cost of Doing Business

It doesn't have to be this way. There's really no reason a general purpose ball valve should need to be replaced regularly. Sure, temperature cycling, pressure changes, valve actuation and time in service can wear out a ball valve, but there are options out there that can ensure the ball valve you install today will still be there long after you've replaced the traditional ball valve. Purchase price is only the upfront cost. It can be helpful to look at how much time replacing that poor performing valve eats up, the downtime and loss of production associated with it, and the resources allocated to the job of repairing/replacing the valve. It soon becomes apparent that the upfront cost doesn't reflect what that poor performing valve actually means in terms of cost of ownership.

To learn more about what the Swagelok® 60 Series Ball Valve can do for you. Download the catalog here: 60 Series Catalog

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