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Salt Lake Valve & Fitting Co.

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Engineering Support

Field Engineering

Add fluid system expertise and experience to your team without adding to your payroll.  We offer engineering support for system design and optimization, assembly, product selection and material compatibility, and a host of other services.

swagelok field engineering 

Local Service

engineering support


Allen Crapo, Field Engineer | Swagelok Idaho | Montana | Salt Lake | Rock Springs

Since joining our team in 2019, engineer Allen Crapo has collaborated on dozens of projects with customers in the chem/refining, oil and gas, semiconductor, mining, power and aerospace industries, saving customers time and money while ensuring the highest quality.  Allen is ready to help with:

Regulator calculation Mechanical seal support systems 
Fitting and valve selection Grab sample systems
System analysis, design and assembly Hose and tubing selection
Material science (metals) Elastomer specification
 Onsite (or virtual) collaborative problem solving
 Develop solutions for dysfunctional or old systems


Global Support

Allen is one of hundreds of engineers in a collaborative, world-wide Swagelok engineering group. He can bring resources and knowledge from all four corners of the world so that no solution is out of reach. Watch the video below to see how this group strengthens our commitment to your success.


Harness the experience and expertise of a global fluid system engineering team - we are here to help. Call 208.333.8155 or email by clicking below.

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