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Salt Lake Valve & Fitting Co.

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Emissions Testing & Reporting

Stop the Leaks

Leaking connections are costing you money and potentially putting your people at risk. Leaks can damage equipment, hurt production, cause product contamination, and create unsafe working conditions and other health hazards. Take advantage of our leak testing service and get to the bottom of the cause of leaks in your system.

leak sizes detected by Snoop®

What to Expect

  • A representative from your facility should accompany our field personnel for all testing so as to assure validity of the results.
  • You select the area of the facility where gas (not liquid) service is common - air - natural gas - hydrogen - helium, etc.
  • All fittings in a given area, regardless of brand, plus all small valve tube ends and packings will be tested. 
  • We'll show you how to visually identify fittings of other manufacturers so that the test results can be validated.
  • A detailed report showing leak rate, associated costs of leaks, comparative leak rates by brand, suggestions for improvement, and more!

We're here to help you put an end to leaks. Click or tap the button below or contact your account manager and get started today!